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About Us: Fast + Light Productions

The demand for online video content is exploding for all types of businesses. Fast and Light was started by two cinematographers who wanted to address this market head-on by offering a streamlined production model that produces high-quality cinema-style videos. We excel at working with today's video production demands - modest budget, quick turnaround, professional results. Our standard model is to shoot videos at 4K or HD resolution, so that clients always have the option of broadcasting on HD television. Shooting at higher quality always yields a better looking video, even if intended for the web rather than the big screen.

Fast and Light Productions has been helping companies like Apple and Williams-Sonoma offer a wealth of videos on their web sites. Content ranges from training videos to customer stories, testimonials, product demonstrations and viral marketing videos. Professional online video content is the future of marketing. It helps companies foster a community of loyal customers and it's available via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Creativity, innovation and technical excellence are paramount for our videos. Whatever your message, we know how to translate it for the world.


Examples of our work:

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